Centuries passed and gradually greed, anger, anger and other feelings undermined the once inviolable status of the place and the warring race left the fortress, forever bogged down in quarrels and wars. Dwarves also had no choice but to go underground, hiding from the sun hated them. But they did not throw in the lurch once the pearl of its architects, as well as storage and the rich treasure of knowledge. Autonomous and independent robots came to the defense of the ancient city, ready tirelessly to repel the attacks of enemies and seek out the brazen thieves penetrate here for the sake of profit.
The role of one of those detained, and given to us. His duty to watch out for one out of the gate, through which the troops are trying to break villains and invaders. Everywhere it is impossible to keep up, and so should work fast hook to cling and lightning to drag opponents over for punishment.

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