Shane Reaction: Zombieland


Shane Reaction: Zombieland - the era is coming to an end, but before the final battle. You Shane, the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse. And today, you're not going to give up. And Shane is valid, you have to go through your last 40 days before you get to the walking dead, and you will pay in their own kind. Smite the zombies with automatic weapons and a reliable defense. Suck arsenal and level your character to unlock his hidden skills and unleash svintsovay rain on the living dead.

- 40 days of fierce fighting.
- 8 Pack 2 mechanical arms and towers, which will help to win even the toughest sittsatsiyah.
- Save up skill points to increase the level of Shane and his ability to unlock.
- An exclusive soundtrack with over 10-Tew tracks, creating the atmosphere of the game.
- 3 landscape: day, night and fog levels.


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