Solitaire Free Pack (Free Solitaire Collection)


Solitaire Free Pack (Free Solitaire Collection) - incredibly addictive and exciting game that will allow you to play any game of solitaire in the world. This appendix contains solitaires of any kind, suit and destination. You can play at random, just earning points or just a good time, wondering what card where to put that all came together. In any case, the game will give you a lot of pleasant experiences. This is a great way to pass the time on the trip, in line or anywhere else, and if you simply like cards, then this game is just made for you.

Solitaire Free Pack (Free Solitaire Collection) - You will find a huge number of puzzles a lot more than you can imagine! These solitaire - the best of its kind designed specifically for gamblers to ensure a great game for them. Our beautiful high-definition graphics suitable for any phone, tablet, and even Phablet * Sony SmartWatch! Card games laid out so that they were convenient to move your thumb or forefinger. Plus - a lot of ways to customize the game:

♥ more different backgrounds and card backs, than anywhere else! Create the perfect design for your screen by selecting the appropriate topic in the menu Appearance.

♣ Panel gaming tools for quick access to tips, cancellation, and much more! Drag the game toolbar to move it, hide, or reduced.

♦ Display layout maps using Mirror mode, so that you feel comfortable playing with either hand.

♠ All games can be represented as portrait and landscape orientation.

Rest assured, our solitaire - the best, but we have a lot more games than ordinary Solitaire! We are pleased to announce dozens of solitaire games, including games such as Freecell, Golf, Spider, 3 towers, Canfield, 3 tops, Clock and Pyramid. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have also created a rare and unusual game, for example - Square Poker, Royal angle Game grandmother, Picture Gallery, Accordion, and many other great solitaire games, which can not be found somewhere or anywhere else!

You can easily discover a new favorite game, which can be sorted by category, complexity, skill and other parameters. Mar their favorite games by clicking on the heart next to their name, and they will be added to your favorites!

All functions that you were looking for:

♥ Intuitive autostart
♣ Easy accounting results, including the statistics of the smallest number of moves to win, and the maximum number of consecutive wins
♦ Tips in the game by pressing the (?)
♠ Expandable columns
♥ Many different settings
♣ Improved battery life
♦ smooth gameplay
♠ App2SD
♥ Use Galaxy Note Multi-window (beta)
♣ Free advertising!

Here are some of the games included in our collection of solitaire games. In some of them, you can quickly play at half-time, while others are perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Accordion, Aces and Kings, Aces top, Agnes Bernauer, Alaska, Algerian Solitaire, Alhambra, Alternation, American toad, Australian solitaire, Spine, a dozen bakers, bakers game, Baroness, Betsford, Beetle, Beleaguered Castle, Black Widow, Deadlock, Bowling , Kite flying, Bristol, Calculation, Canfield - Demon, Casino Klondike 1 (Vegas Solitaire), Casket, Chinese Solitaire, Watches, Colorado, crown, Crescent, harsh, decades, Diplomat, Double Canfield, Double FreeCell, Double Klondike, Double Scorpion, Double wasp wings of an eagle, Eastern Harbor (Istheven), 8 available, Ejector, Forty Thieves, Forty and Eight, Four Corners, FreeCell Solitaire, Toad, scratch, Golf Solitaire, Grandma's game, Intelligence, Josephine, Kings Corner , Solitaire - Solitaire (classic, dealt 3 cards), Klondike 1 (For 1 card, 1 deck scrolling), Klondike 1 Unlimited (For 1 card, unlimited browsing), Lucy Belle, lady of the manor, Miss Milligan, Monaco, Montana - addiction , Monte Carlo, Nevada, Osmosis - Treasury, Look, Penguin, Art Gallery, Square Poker, Solitaire Pyramid, Royal Cotillion, Royal Wedding, Russian Solitaire, Scorpion Tower in the harbor, Seven Kings (7 sisters), and many more others. ..

Lots of cool and unique solitaire variations. Many of the games you will not find anywhere else! Regularly add new games.


attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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