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 Solitaire Free Pack (Free Solitaire Collection)

Solitaire Free Pack (Free Solitaire Collection) - incredibly addictive and exciting game that will allow you to play any game of solitaire in the world. This appendix contains solitaires of any kind, suit and destination. You can play at random, just earning points or just a good time, wondering what card where to put that all came together.

 Plumber (Plumber)

Plumber (Plumber) - it's free and easy to learn puzzle game with HD-graphics, in which you have to prevent flood! Simply press and turn the various pieces of pipe to connect them into a single water supply. Creating water, you will reduce the overall level of the water. Do not let water overflow!

 Alien Hive

Alien Hive - good puzzle on the space theme, a series of "three in a row" is perfectly balanced and has a very unusual gameplay that makes the game very attractive.


Gesundheit! - Adventure puzzle game with hand-drawn graphics, in which the protagonist, we will travel the colorful world, and help us survive only your cunning and artifice. The protagonist tries to survive in difficult situations, and prevent it from doing so many monsters, from which you want to hide, flee, distracting and certainly fed green delicacy and nose.


TripTrap - is an original puzzle game from the creators of iSlash! Our little friend Chad pretty hungry. Help him to get to the cheese! But there will have to think about. With your help, he has to get out of difficult situations, walking a dangerous path, avoid traps and still get to the cheese!

 God of Light

God of Light - an addictive puzzle game based on physics, where you have to control the light. The fact that the fabulous world of darkness comes. And you have to merge with cute SHINee in one team, and return light. You need to look at the level of reflective objects and combine into a single light chain. Thus step by step, you'll shed light into the world, yet not destroy all the darkness.

 Gluddle versus The Supervision

Gluddle versus The Supervision - good puzzle with a sound physics and bright cartoon graphics. Your task is to think very carefully and get the ball to the goal. The game is very positive and pleasing to the eye. Creative Heroes created a great game.

 Neon Blitz

Neon Blitz - the game that adds bright color to the gray days. The essence of the game Neon Blitz is very simple, you need to trace a variety of shapes why they will light up with neon paint under your fingers. The idea would be boring if it were not limited to one minute of time.

 Sprinkle Islands

Sprinkle Islands - is a welcome adventure, but rather a harsh work valiant firefighter Sprinkle. This time, it skidded on the wonderful island of Titan, which were not on their own victim debris spacecraft that carried the debris and crashed. Now the poor parts of the island paradises of villages are forced to ask for help to their house did not burn down.

 Fruit Blitz Free

Fruit Blitz Free - colorful and addictive simple game for a long time with great graphics, in which you collect 3 of the same fruit in a row.

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