Brain Age Test Analyzer


I present to you a unique program for android allows you to pass a test on the age of your brain. It's called Brain Age Test Analyzer, or the simpler "brain age test", the application was awarded to more than 5 million downloads by users all over the world! You have a chance to be one of the lucky ones and, furthermore, to check their brains!
The program conducts an analysis of how you play, based on this analysis, and results. And all of this works quite accurately, that a minimum of surprises! According to the results, you can create your own personal widget and put it on the desktop. As the program supports OpenFeint global statistics in which you can share your results with other users.
To do this, simply should perform the following steps:
- You can upload your scores to a global scorecard and compete with players around the world.
- Spend about 10 minutes a day, and after a short time become noticeable better results.
-Playing Brain Age Test Analyzer can monitor their progress on the chart results.
Appendix Brain Age Test Analyzer is very well suited for kids, girls, boys, women and men of all ages.

How to play:
You can make a mistake three times before the test is over, then you will be shown your results.
When the test starts you Take a short period of time, a set of balls with numbers, which you have to memorize (activating your short-term memory)
Once the number disappear Need click each bead by increasing their number (starting from zero to ten, 0-1-2-3-etc.)
Once the test is complete, you can publish your results and see the results of other people.
Please indicate your country, soon we are going to organize a competition for the smartest country in the world.


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