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Tower ConquestTower Conquest - a strategy with horizontal scrolling, nice graphics and the possibility of the PvP, which increases the replayability usual standard and in fact the game. Gamers are waiting for fights and battles from the category of who is steeper zadonatil and all other delights of this genre. For introverts have offline mode with bots and storyline.
Police vs ZombiesPolice vs Zombies - visually and thematically unpretentious strategy in the spirit of the cult plants vs zombies. But unlike a pile of similar projects here gameplay impresses with its complexity players. Whether the balance is not set, or as planned, but in the end we have a hardcore carnage in which people become victims really surrounded by hordes of zombies.
Hellrider 2Hellrider 2 - continuation of elegant action of Anji Games. Hellrayder continue to move forward, but now, not only in the underworld, but also the people in the world. Improved graphics, new features, tasks, actions, bonuses, items, enemies, bosses and much, much more, which makes the second part of the most worthy sequel to the original.
Cursed CoinsCursed Coins - class action, which the developers have tried to make the most authentic old school. Pixel graphics, soundtrack and other relevant features will delight fans of retro, but interesting gameplay of survival like it has more players.
City builder 2016 Bus StationCity builder 2016 Bus Station - one of the many projects clones the well-known simulator settings. Developers do not even too lazy to copy the font and style of writing of the game, which shows a "painstaking" work on his brainchild. But, seriously, it eventually turned out not so bad, and sometimes even good.
Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle Chess - one of the most ancient and incredibly brilliant pen-and-logic games around the world. Many still argue about the fact who was the first of their creator. But it will not go into details and the dark old days. Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle - cute puzzle game that uses some of the features of the original project in its gameplay.
Wind-Up WarriorWind-Up Warrior - unpretentious adventure game with old school graphics and horizontal scrolling. The project will appeal to those who are a fan of retro, or those people who want a simple and carefree spend free time not to strain the gameplay about a mechanical knight with a clockwork mechanism.
Rolling SnailRolling Snail - an addictive puzzle game with beautiful graphics and interesting performance. Any player will gladly test their abilities and skills, as well as will train the brain in search of solutions to the problems in front of the main character. A huge number of levels of varying difficulty and complexity contribute to this.
Tap Tap Evil MastermindTap Tap Evil Mastermind - a continuation of the clicker Tap Tap Trillionaire. The main character just reached and become incredibly rich. It is certainly fun, but only the first couple of days. He soon got bored, he dismissed his entire team, and the money distributed to governments around the world and they were immediately stolen. And he continued to live at the legendary home-office.
SUPER Toss The TurtleSuper Toss The Turtle - is a port on the mobile platforms popular Web Toy Toss the Turtle. The transfer has all the advantages of the original, the new opportunities, achievements and even more black humor and bloody. The only problem appeared - it is not quite easy management. Results with a manipulator-type "mouse" can not reach the tap.