Police vs Zombies

End of the world has arrived. Mor, chaos and all other steps have already been passed and people are trying to live on side by side with the forced mutated majority of the world's population. Play will be for men of a special unit of police special forces specializing in operations which involved zombies. In one of the patrols of a very large group of survivors had been found. It was decided to bring it to the main settlements under the protection of the same in the form of a nice guy. But here's the problem, to meet on the road, moving a horde of walking dead. Other ways to cut off or blocked. Spices can only move forward like a battering ram punching way through the crowd for the rest. Vanguard this building we are to become. Enemies will be many, very many, will be very carefully and efficiently use scarce resources, so as not to pass through zombakov system.

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