FRZ Racing

The protagonist from early childhood was present at all the races of his father. At that time, his name was on the lips of all sports fans. Nobody could beat him on the track. Talent, great skills and great love for speed made him a champion out of reach. He basked in the glory until one fateful combination of circumstances did not result in his death. In his place, quickly came to those who previously could not think about the first position, and forgot about it. And when an adult, the protagonist behind the wheel of a racing car, and no one recognized him as the son of the great racer. But first check showed that he was destined to become equal and in some cases even grow his father. But the road is long and heavy, no one wants to take positions before the greenhorn youngster. But slowly, not in a hurry, expanding and modernizing the existing fleet, you will fight for the right to stand on the podium.

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