UFB 2 - Ultimate Fighting Bros

The main part of the previous regime - PvP on one device left and even a bit of variety, but it receded into the background. Now the ultimate test - a career.
Added a variety of fighters with very distinctive names from different countries and beyond. Zombies, monsters and aliens will become your enemies or protagonists. Many of them have unique capabilities.
But not only fighting in the arena waiting for you in this mode, collect coins at a time, break the boxes accurate jumps and more.
Recall rules, the match is divided into two rounds of three touch. Ring - a cube from the grid (in this case it is a 2D), the soldiers do not have to be located on the floor or the ceiling, the walls only. Starting from them should strive to meet the enemy with the advantage of height.
Exciting fights, nice graphics and sometimes hilarious events will delight all fans of mixed martial.

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