Metro 2033 Wars

Release of a new game from the universe of Metro 2033 was just a breath of fresh air for fans of the series. Who almost was the last - not far-sighted pricing policy and a severe Donat caused an uproar in the comments. But now the app was free to download, well-game purchases were natural. These misunderstandings quickly forgotten and fans difficult everyday residents of the metro with redoubled force rushed to develop the tunnels.
Turn-based strategy with the straightforward title (added to the standard form of the prefix «Wars») directly showed what players will be engaged throughout the gameplay - a war for supremacy on all the inhabited territory. With a few interruptions debugging infrastructure and short diplomatic battles.
Turn-based battles are made on the simplified system, you will not find any points of moves and "smart pause" was exhibited in three lines and their fighters into battle.
Not looking at a lot of flaws the game was very badsome and worthy of attention or just fans of the universe.

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