The main character has decided to take a different path than the rest of the graduates of the University of magic and began to study the dark arts. For this he was kicked out, and just before the release. "Well, if so," he said, and became a villain. And in order to consolidate the status of a went terrify on border areas. Bunch of villages, the soldiers a little - for the first steps on the road of evil, it will be an ideal option.
Burning houses, barns, warehouses and other buildings will mark a new chapter in the life of the character. Shouts Receding villagers and funny sounds with which they will be consumed by this delight to his ears. Collected the skull will go to a currency and you can buy a flock of other cadavers and other disgusting creatures, to automate the process of building the kingdom of chaos. Construction of its own database to help meet the brave heroes of all weapons and send their remains to his collection.

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