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Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge

Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge - free cross-platform game in the style of the military, which can be played on any device or social network. The Jungle Heat, you can develop their military base to an impregnable fortress, fight other players, spread their base to pieces, to unite in clans invincible and participate in regular tournaments.

 Battle for the Galaxy (Battle for the Galaxy)

Battle for the Galaxy (Battle for the Galaxy) - addictive strategy game with dynamic battles. Create a powerful army and join the corporation. Attack the enemies and get the medals and valuable resources.


Pou - a game in which you have in your phone will own pet - an alien. You will need to feed him, wash, take care and watch as it grows. And play with it to unlock a variety of clothing and accessories for him.

 Dungeon Highway

Dungeon Highway - is a fantasy 8-bit runner with elements of "dismemberment". The game is done in a retro style, and offers players race around the various creatures filled dungeons. It is important not to meet face obstacles just shoot fireballs your blood thirsty monsters.

 Railway Bridge (Railway Bridge)

Railway Bridge (Railway Bridge) - this is an interesting puzzle game in which the creators were able to put all that is necessary for any player that is easy to use interface, good music and good graphics. In the game you will need to feel like not just be a simple bridge builder and how much needs to be done by robots.

 Tank Riders 2

Tank Riders 2 - continuation of the popular arcade tanchikov company Polarbit. Enemy troops rush through our border! In this game you are waiting for the real battle on your tank. We expect many missions with different purposes in several worlds.

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