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Bomber 2016Bomber 2016 - the new reincarnation of the cult game about explosions and destruction of obstacles. Traditionally, in such projects we are waiting for a beautiful, colorful graphics and a serious rethinking of the gameplay. Also, developers have added all sorts of chips and buns, to prove that their child is dramatically better than all other similar activities.
 Hero Panda Bomber Hero Panda Bomber - is a remake of the legendary Bomberman in contemporary performance and Asian roots. 50 levels with 20 types of enemies and powerful bosses met in a beautiful 3D graphics and nice soundtrack. Cute, but the combat hero, classic gameplay and high variability of passage like all fans of the iconic original.
 Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense - this is another game for the Android-devices in which you need to reel in the fist of the dead bowel. Not cope with the job - and they do it with you. In your arsenal of firearms will not appear and you will be satisfied only with grenades. The complexity of the use of grenades is not just that they need to be thrown far enough (in other pieces and you will get to), but also that an abandoned grenade will not explode until you do not touch. And if one of the dead will be selected too close and close a grenade, consider that you are one of them.

 Bluetooth Bomberman

Bluetooth Bomberman - great game Bomberman, now on bluetooth. You can play via bluetooth up to 4 players.

 Bomberman vs Zombies

Bomberman vs Zombies - fire, explosions, zombies and a real hero, the savior - Bomberman, all in a fantastically exciting game Bomberman vs Zombies. As night descends on the earth, and people sleep peacefully, dreaming of a better world, a detachment of the zombie lands on Earth to turn it into a zombie world. But their plans to intervene Bomberman brave, he is always ready to come to the rescue!


Zomberman - a game with gameplay Bomberman. Dark and horrific mazes, and full of hungry zombies. And only the brave Zomberman can fight against these dreadful creatures with. Blow up the wall, kill enemies, find secrets, collect clues that will help you to escape from these dreadful labyrinths.


BomberBunnies - play in 3D with gameplay Bomberman. Your job is to blow up opponents on a variety of levels.

 Fruit Pop

Fruit Pop - based on the gameplay of this game is the famous game Bomberman. You play as a little boy, which aims to gather fruit, and flower beds to free the territory from the enemy.

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