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Blade Of ConquestBlade Of Conquest - class strategic role-playing game in the fantasy world moderately, that is, without demons, the immortal elves and other campaigns with a ring on the end of the world. Immediately it is worth mentioning that you can plunder the caravans, which means the game is, by definition, a real masterpiece. Get the all-powerful king and enslaved their abusers.
Death PitDeath Pit - an exciting adventure project with beautiful graphics. The accelerometer devices will help explore the area and find the most convenient way to the next island of calm and security. Cute picture and original design locations will immerse us into the magical world of fairy tales in which we will be a prince.
DeilandDeiland - really interesting and high-quality project adventure in which gamers will be able to build and stylish povyzhivat for fun. Beautiful graphics, soothing soundtrack, minimalism is happening and other nice features show that large areas and difficult craft is not a sign of a good and exciting game.
HamletHamlet - fascinating quest with a bunch of puzzles from Alawar. Beautiful and location traced in detail, original approach to the classic story - a crazy interpretation of events, and a little crazy characters make gameplay exciting and interesting. And sometimes more complex puzzles and forced to think.
Heroes and PuzzlesHeroes and Puzzles - a game that the creators opted for recently become quite common, and made ​​a cross between a standard arcade gameplay mechanics in the style of "three in a row" and role-based project with the heroes, battles and leveling. Due to the lack of some features it is lost in many middling.
 Cinderella Adventures Cinderella Adventures - adventure puzzle based on the world famous and publicized Cinderella story, with only one amendment - good cross will not have to do everything myself. Beautiful graphics, very hardcore gameplay, not the least forgiving of mistakes and a little strange sounds await you in this exciting interactive tale.
 The Sleeping Prince Save the kingdom from a terrible curse! Sidney slimy imposed on all sleepy spell and now everywhere is heard only one snoring. In consciousness there was only magician of the court (apparently senile insomnia), who has called you for help. With the help of a magic ring, you will need managing body of the prince to save all of the spells and defeat the villain.

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