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Wind-Up WarriorWind-Up Warrior - unpretentious adventure game with old school graphics and horizontal scrolling. The project will appeal to those who are a fan of retro, or those people who want a simple and carefree spend free time not to strain the gameplay about a mechanical knight with a clockwork mechanism.
Hammer of FuryHammer of Fury - the classic role-based project in the style of the Asian segment of the genre. Although here and there kawaii characters and other features, but the region of production becomes immediately clear. Nice graphics, numerous jobs and the availability of the rudiments of the story and its appeal to all fans of fantasy Rubilovo.
Catacomb HeroCatacomb Hero - pretty standard action RPG for mobile devices. The only thing for which he can put a plus, since it is graphic, it is not satisfactory and essentially loads the "iron". But then everything on the thumb - chop, prick, use magic and listen to the incessant chatter of his companion.

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