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Up Balloon UpUp Balloon Up - an exciting arcade game of survival with beautiful graphics and gameplay created by tradition and hardcore nervonapryagayuschim. The main character will be a force tending to bring an ordinary balloon in hand and frustrated zarёvannogo owner. A gust of wind, carelessness and a piece of the holiday on a string was tightened to the bottom of a dark and gloomy pit.
BoA - Epic Brick Breaker Game!BoA - Epic Brick Breaker Game! - One of the most beautiful and exciting breakout for Android. Nice graphics, exciting plot in the entourage of medieval fantasy and a huge number of levels this game is very different from the other projects in this genre. And the presence of moving opponents only adds unusual and original.
 Ball Alien Ball Alien - puzzle game made ​​in a futuristic decor. A wide range of graphics settings allows you to choose an acceptable result considering the characteristics of your mobile devices. The qualitative level design based on the familiar gameplay physics and management bodies, which need a little getting used to, like connoisseurs of beautiful and interesting projects.
 Miniball Tap Football Miniball Tap Football - addictive arcade racing pro cubic soccer ball. The game has a beautiful, rich and colorful graphics. Simple endless gameplay cheered themed sound effects allow great to spend your free time. A control in one tap fully control the place on the field.
 Dunky Dough Ball Dunky Dough Ball - an exciting arcade game about the adventures of a ball of dough to escape from the evil chef in one of the Asian restaurants. Beautiful graphics, unusual gameplay, cute character and complex, well-designed multiple levels, will delight all lovers of games of this kind.
 Red Ball 4 Red Ball 4 - is the story of the violent confrontation between the two races inhabiting the world since ancient times. For a long time, good red balls to live in harmony with nature and with their neighbors - black, angular and evil cubes. And one last decided to make all like them, and the planet too. But the brave hero decides not to let that happen and hit the road, in order to fight with the enemy commander in chief.
 Seven Stars 3D 2

Seven Stars 3D 2 - the second part of the game about labyrinths, which received more than an improved graphical component of the game, the beautiful music, nice animation and a well-developed physics.

 Joyland Bounce

Joyland Bounce - a wonderful project, which is reminiscent of the iconic game LocoRoco with the PlayStation Portable. You will manage a fun, ever-smiling creature who is able to roll fast and jump high. You will explore thirty five different levels in a beautiful, exotic world, solve puzzles, collect items - all this in order to restore order in the heavens.

 Taumi - Disc Challenge Taumi - Disc Challenge - a kind of mixture of ping-pong and air hockey made ​​a pretty nice design.
 Football Manager Handheld 2013 v.4.3

Football Manager Handheld 2013 - take under his wing a football team, loans, training, equipment and tactics of the players. Give the team to victory, let your club would be the best. It is your responsibility - training, transfer and finance.

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