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Oblivion - Mission OblivionOblivion - Mission Oblivion - not an easy entertaining arcade game with superb graphics, simple gameplay and lots of different QTE-scenes. Embark on an exciting journey through the different universes, neon tunnels in the world of speed and beautiful special effects, as well as tricky questions without correct answers to which will not go far.

Lightopus - the last surviving adult octopus is designed to save your entire species from extinction. For this we need to go down into the abyss, and the release of all pups from the clutches of monsters. Interfere with this variety of enemies and their bosses, and help the various bonuses and player's skill to use touchscreen.

 Neon Zone

Neon Zone - a real find for lovers of logic games. By its very nature - is a puzzle, which is based on simple shapes, but it is quite complicated. Application based on the laws of physics, so the control figures will not be difficult, since it is enough to simply rotate the phone.

 Neon Rain

Neon Rain - in the game, with a special platform, you should skip or not to skip the neon rain. Fallen drop destroys all the drops of the same color in the immediate vicinity. To move to the next level you must destroy all the neon drops. Control is a touch screen.

 Neon Climb Race

Neon Climb Race - great neon race in which you will drive on the machines. You can select your favorite car and poisoned in the cosmic journey through the hills. The game has received many worlds, upgrade cars, great gameplay and good graphics and music.

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