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Monster CrusherMonster Crusher is designed for the best precepts of Tetris, although here and there is no angular figures still visible on the basis of which to invent the concept of the game. The project has a nice graphics, and a choice of two modes of gameplay difficulty. Monster Crusher enable fun and ease to spend their spare time killing monsters coming at you.
Crazy Tower 2Crazy Tower 2 has an original story with an unusual approach to the classic story about the princess in the tower, the mechanics of the gameplay in the style of Tetris, nice graphics and various game features. Get on your betrothed reciprocity, well, if one will not work you can always try another heir to the kingdom.
 99 Bricks Wizard Academy 99 Bricks Wizard Academy - puzzle game, which in its essence is highly complicated Tetris with beautiful graphics. Funny story underlying reason, slightly modified the classic gameplay, various achievements and achivki, various tasks will delight all those who long for the "smart" and at the same time exciting projects.
 CatMix CatMix - mimimishnaya mixture genre of "Tetris" and "Three in a row." Beautiful graphics, fun gameplay and tons of kittens waiting for you in this exciting adventure. Various locations, a cacophony of rumbling, simple rules and ease of passage to conquer the hearts of all creatures meow lovers and serious thoughtful gameplay.
 Stack Pack Stack Pack - very exciting subspecies of Tetris. The basis of the classic game has been redone and is complemented by various features. 8-bit graphics and a soundtrack to match her ​​make gameplay reminiscent of the good old old-school projects. And the enemy with his crafty actions and traps will not give relax for a second.
 Neon Rain

Neon Rain - in the game, with a special platform, you should skip or not to skip the neon rain. Fallen drop destroys all the drops of the same color in the immediate vicinity. To move to the next level you must destroy all the neon drops. Control is a touch screen.

 Dream of Pixels

Dream of Pixels - a well-known Tetris, but from the other side. Now you have to destroy the area filled with figures of various shapes. You can also rotate them, twist and move, as usual. Colorful graphics along with the music creates a special relaxing atmosphere.

 Bag It! v.2.9 Bag It! - A puzzle game that will open your eyes to a new world inside your shopping bags! Heavy, sturdy items on the bottom, light and fragile items to the top - seems simple, right? Think again!

Doptrix - this is a unique puzzle game that turns the classic Tetris ® on its head! Forget the usual strategy in this game you will need to rotate the playing field and have to think in multiple dimensions. Time is not taken into account and you can play you in a comfortable pace.

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