Crazy Tower 2

What to do if you have the ambition of the king, the intelligence of the scientist, cunning serpent, natural business acumen and you ... dwarf. Rootless and despised by all. Just make sure that on your head was a crown. But neither my father would not allow your place plans and the more the princess would not agree to marry this. What to do? Steal the heir to the throne and imprisoned her in a high tower for a long period to think about their prospects. And in order to lower the self-esteem - fed only high-calorie donuts.
Just to confuse the need for you sent in pursuit of the Knights, it is necessary to erect a pair of false structures and the higher the better. While these blockheads sorted out, and before you know the bride will go back down. But for the best effect - to crank such an operation in several countries.

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