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Tower TroopersTower Troopers - the original, truly original puzzle represents the classic style of "three in a row" in a completely different form and submission of key players. Well, nice graphics and a lot of levels with gradually increasing complexity are added only positive impressions from the gameplay. The truth is a little vague spoils management, but this is just nitpicking.
THEFT Inc. Stealth Thief GameTHEFT Inc.Stealth Thief Game - stealth-action game in which we turned into a top-class thief, and under cover of night umyknёm various valuable items during the execution of various tasks. Not a bad idea faces a hideous optimization and animation of all actions. And the linearity is happening seriously spoil the impression of the gameplay.
Robbery Bob 2: Double TroubleRobbery Bob 2: Double Trouble - the continuation of a favorite of many of the arcade about CHILLINGO skilled thief, burglar specializing in stealing household items right from under the nose of people. It usually takes up any more or less profitable venture, but this time luck was against him, and now he's back problems.
Thief LeaderThief Leader - pretty and unpretentious indie project created by the development team of just two people. We are a classic and long familiar gameplay mechanics in a rather original performance. 100 levels divided into 10 worlds allow to spend leisure time, training eye and ability to build a sequence of actions.
RatsRats and Rats - an exciting adventure game where the gameplay focuses on "trips to visit" in order to profit stranger acquired good. The project has beautiful graphics, nice animation, original concept and characters, and hilarious storyline. A PvP mode will fully appreciate the beauty of this strategy.
Bobby Rabbit - HD Bobby Rabbit returns, now on Android in the form of the game Bobby Rabbit. Go with him to the massive theft of carrots with local beds, cunning people fooled and go around dangerous traps. Prove to everyone that you are the legendary thief this tasty root. Stock up on a sufficient number of goodies before the coming winter.
Thief AbscondThief Abscond - unpretentious, but a hardcore arcade gameplay. Take on the role of a fearless thief who under cover of night you must leave the "place of work" safe and sound and main unnoticed. Simple controls and multiple levels with ever increasing complexity will love those who love challenges and difficulties.
 King of Thieves King of Thieves - a unique multiplayer platformer with the ability to PvP. In campaigns to visit hidden all relish this game. Discovered the theft of valuable things, then find the offender and steal back his own, taking the path of his savings. Beautiful graphics, hilarious and cute characters, tree development and crafty editor will conquer your heart.
 Cinderella Adventures Cinderella Adventures - adventure puzzle based on the world famous and publicized Cinderella story, with only one amendment - good cross will not have to do everything myself. Beautiful graphics, very hardcore gameplay, not the least forgiving of mistakes and a little strange sounds await you in this exciting interactive tale.
 King of Thieves
King of Thieves - stealth-action - now a rare guest in the gaming industry. With beautiful graphics, it is a pity that you can not change the position of the camera; sayndtrekom melodic, easy to turn off, so as not to interfere; numerous locations (old miser tradition is only available training + 2 level, the rest all right to buy or ... hmm, still the thief will talk about :)).

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