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Zombie WarsZombie Wars - a fairly standard 2D shooter with reuse of gameplay mechanics and the setting jaded zombiapokalipsisa consuming. The project will be a good option to make the most exciting and nenapryagayusche spend free time while waiting for something.
Airport ScannerAirport Scanner - addicting casual game that his simplest geymleya, however, a very long time entice all who see her. Nice graphics, constantly evolving mechanics, gradually increase the level of difficulty, and cute, but stricter characters will delight all who miss the simple but interesting projects.
Zombie Age 3Zombie Age 3 - continuation of the popular action about zombiapokalipsis with nice graphics and gameplay have already become almost a classic. Improved picture, new features, updated arsenal, missions, achievements and much more will delight fans of the series, and newcomers enthusiastically take on the destruction of the walking dead.
Zombieville USAZombieville USA - pretty simple 2D shooter about zombiapokalipsis, who recently received continuation dashes reissue, but at the same time and price tag. So long as we consider the first part of which we will look at a variety of characters. They have one thing in common - they survived the initial phase of this nightmare and are now struggling to consolidate this success.
Gun Master 3: Zombie SlayerGun Master 3: Zombie Slayer - a new first-person shooter from the masters to create a very exciting shooting galleries with a very well thought-out and beautifully executed system upgrade weapons. Which by the way each game becomes more and more, to fill a variety of rare and unusual model allows to destroy targets in batches.
Knife Run 2016Knife Run 2016 - a fascinating and exciting runner with elements of action in the first person. Beautiful graphics, endless gameplay, a variety of cold weapons and interesting locations are waiting for all who dare to be the middle of the base of the Nazis. And the execution of tasks will be a good occasion to promote your military rank.
Zombie HQZombie HQ - High-quality arcade with an isometric camera events that occur on the streets after the people turned into zombies because of the pandemic, an unknown virus. The game has nice graphics, the gameplay is pretty interesting, a lot of different weapons, types of walking dead and numerous missions, which essentially boils down to one thing - kill everyone.
Stickman BattlefieldsStickman Battlefields - it's almost a Hollywood action film category B, but only online. We personally pouchastvuem the life of the protagonist, Let's go his way in the last 6 months and find motivated originating in the prologue to the main game events. We are waiting for a grueling workout, fierce fighting, sabotage behind enemy lines, and a sea of ​​fire.
Pixel Fodder Alfa The name of the game Pixel Fodder Alfa or Pixel Meat is not as better suited for it. In one phrase enclosed everything that is incorporated into the gameplay. Despite the fact that the project is still in development in front of us already full action full of drive, black humor, parodies, hidden references, easter eggs, and other pleasant moments.
Zombie Survival: ApocalypseZombie Survival: Apocalypse - straight from the tin zombies vyzhivalka on a very limited region of space. Unfortunately at the time of the game it has a very poor optimization, which adversely affects the receipt of positive impressions from the gameplay, but we hope that soon everything is set up and the fans with power rush zeal shoot cadavers.

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