Zombie Evil v.1.07


Game Zombie Evil tells us this is not far in 2013, in which another mad scientist decided to end human evolution in its own way, and making it the world's population into bloodthirsty walking corpses. Of course, there are people who this prospect was not to the taste, and he organized a resistance, one of the men of whom you and should be.
2013 BC, people are labeled as the biggest obstacle in the evolution of species by mad Dr.Evil. He believes that the most perfect form of zombies, and is a true master of the world. Dr. Evil has grown endless army of zombies, leaving the entire planet into a final crisis. As the Federal Government has no power to resist him, you, a few mercenaries living, must fight the way. Ammunition is your only hope to survive! You must prosecution Dr.Evil footsteps through wormholes in different times and spaces, to destroy his legions of zombies, step by step! Savior of the world is waiting, waiting for the dawn sunlight!

- 14 types of classic weapons! Enjoy the pleasure of the head and crushing! Wipe the walking dead! Turn them into dust!
- A variety of 6 types Guards! 5 kinds of skills! Several options for upgrades! Rather, use them well to keep the brain from the zombies!
- 3 cards of the world! 21 classic scenes! 126 levels! Light all the chaos of time and space
- 21 unprecedented evil zombies! Pick up your heavy weapons to tear them to pieces!
- Exciting fights tough BOSS! More challenges and better rewards for yours to win!

Version 1.7:


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  • Posted by: таир (guest), 2013-01-22 06:03:27
    мне очень понравился

  • Posted by: Владимер (guest), 2013-01-22 14:01:12
    Игра через нет ?

  • Posted by: Антон (guest), 2013-02-24 18:17:22
    Супер , ребята !

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