Mushroom pickers


Spring red flowers and autumn - mushrooms! Many users of social networks and iOS devices have become fans of "quiet hunt", the owners of Android-smartphone and tablets now also can replenish their ranks - appeared in Google Play version of the game "Mushroom pickers." A nice feature of the release - the possibility of passing a joint to different mobile platforms. Check your intuition - guess where the hidden rosy volnushki or scented chanterelles. They collected a bumper crop - most in the kitchen: there can be cooked mushrooms to sell, and profiteer game currency, go to the store to buy equipment. In short, become a real mushroom pickers.

In the forest to live - not to be hungry. The game has 30 locations and each grow their own special mushrooms. You can collect on the edge of boletus, chanterelles in a copse, truffles on the Champs Elysees, the sheep in the forest bracket fungus, mushrooms, sheep in a beech forest - mushrooms inexhaustible topic.
Each fungus knows his time. Forest reserves and new types of fungi are opened at once, it needs to gain game experience, level up, and you can buy access to new mycelium for the gold or silver coins, leaping over several locations.
No luck for mushrooms do not go! To collect mushrooms, you need to guess where they hid in the bushes pressing. The number of attempts is limited. Golden Mushroom equal to ten ordinary. The found horseshoe add four tries in one game. And if you run into a poisonous mushroom - two attempts to burn.
If you really want to be carried off all the mushrooms, you can use Outlook - after installing the game is given five of these tips (button "Open mushrooms").

The village - there is everything you need mushroomer.
Shop where you can buy equipment and machinery for mushroom hikes. Gradually, you will open dozens of items that increase the number of attempts, and baskets of different sizes.
In the kitchen you will be able to dry, fry, pickle, pickle, freeze and bake mushrooms do with them cakes and even pizza! Kitchen equipment to buy and improve. Here is trading of raw mushrooms are cheap, ready-made meals significantly increase profits. Moreover, the price depends on the type: rare varieties of more expensive, but are growing longer.

In-game purchases
"Mushroom pickers" not only sell, but also to buy. Local currency - silver and gold coins. Silver can be earned by selling mushrooms, taking the ready meals, etc. A little gold is charged with installing the game, you can top up gold and currency reserves achievements, awards, or through a bank. Exchange rates shown in the screenshot.
In general, you can play without Donat, but the temptation to speed up the game comes up often. In any case, the decision to spend real money, each player receives their own - the choice is.

Cooperative game
Who on fungi, and so on berries! You can talk about the game to your friends via social networks or use e-mail. Owners of mobile devices based on iOS and Android can play together. Invite friends or invitations of other players - is worth. Together, everyone will have access to the new location. The more friends, the more mushrooms!

Become a "mushroom pickers" can anyone, regardless of age. Finding mushrooms - it turned out to be not only soothing, but also gambling. The game can become a family fun. Simple and affordable gameplay combined with cognition - in this game your kid learns the bad, however, need to be sure that he will not go under. Less Games - Donut. However, it is not too intrusive and if you want you can play for free.

A serene world, cozy and friendly, the rhythm, the sounds of nature - to be a "mushroom pickers" nice!

In the game you will find:
- 30 locations with different types of mushrooms;
- Kitchen with 7 types of equipment that have 4 degrees of upgrades;
- 8 baskets and dozens of artifacts;
- 40 titles and achievements;
- The ability to compete with your friends;
- Uniqueness - implemented the author's idea
- Cozy game atmosphere
- Simple and accessible gameplay
- The opportunity to play on iOS and Android
- The ability to pass along to friends
- Donat

Successful "quiet hunt"!


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