Stay Alight ®


Stay Alight ® - an interesting arcade game for Android will introduce you to the world of men-unusual bulbs. They look human, but they have a head light bulb. Their life is also similar to the Earth in general practically cousins. And on these creatures attacked the green monsters. But the brave bulbs did not panic and decided to give a fitting rebuff to the invaders. To do this, run the enemy bulb, thus it is necessary to take into account the force of impact and the flight path, ie set the direction.

In the struggle with monsters will help you with an arsenal of super weapons: freezing, earthquakes, fly swatter and spray! Use it in order to increase their chances of winning and bring peace to the planet with Mr. light bulbs!

Unimaginably beautiful graphics, enchanting music, a unique interactive objects, a large variety of enemies, as well as a whole bunch of hidden surprises. All this awaits you in Stay Alight!

Key Features:
Realistic physics
Stunning graphics
The unique setting (microcosm)
A huge variety of levels


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  • Posted by: богдан (guest), 2014-01-26 17:29:56
    клас игра шя скачаю

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