Zombie Road Trip


Zombie Road Trip - to escape from the hordes of zombies or your brains will be eaten. Can you handle the job?
Run away from the relentless hordes of zombies through the wasteland in this never-ending race for survival. Shoot a zombie impressive arsenal of weapons and witness firsthand all the gory details! Earn coins zombies and improve your weapons and vehicles and empty the ranks of the living dead, to show the strength of your hatred.
Successfully done the stunts and earn boosts, to go as far as possible, otherwise you face a horrible death!
You have to sit behind the wheel of a powerful off-road car on which you'll need to get away from the crowds of starving zombies. Prepare your car and try to drive as far as possible. The game can be attributed both to the two genres: arcade and a runner, which makes the gameplay originality, and it can easily take you for hours. Your path will run through a variety of locations along the way you will have to shoot zombies and perform dangerous stunts.

- 5 unique landscapes
- Randomly chosen areas (each game will feel completely new)
- A dynamic mechanism for the destruction of zombies (each time the death of a zombie. Clash looks cool and in a new way)
- 10 challenging types of weapons to destroy enemies
- 34 unique car
- 8 extensions that will change the way you play this game
- A beautiful HD graphics
- Button and tilt control, of your choice!
- Spin the bonus wheel and win additional coins zombies!


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