Gluddle versus The Supervision


Gluddle versus The Supervision - a wonderful puzzle and action-packed arcade and good physics, based on the interaction of the physical properties of objects and the environment. Where your task is to think well and to get the ball to the goal.
Our main characters, funny rubber drops attacked worst enemies - the Rangers, who are constantly spied on them. But once droplets concocted a plan how to get rid of oversight enemies and declared war on them! As a weapon they have chosen themselves.
In the best traditions of physical games, We have the opportunity to interact with several characters. For example, we can build a live chain of a few drops, so that to reach and destroy the enemy. Will greatly help and scattered around the planet stone boulders that can be dropped on a caretaker with a successful hit him.
In the course of completing the levels become available different bonus abilities and items, such as the scope of the freezing system portals and much more. Truth and the gameplay itself is quite difficult, due to increased distance to the enemies, the emergence of new obstacles and enemies.
Control of the game is easier. Just press the desired drop during the flight, she immediately freezes in the space to the next interaction.
Very glad the soundtrack to the game. At each stroke of the object or each other, our rubber drops will make sounds, "Oh." It looks very funny and fun. The same applies to graphic design. The game world is made in a rather unusual and colorful design that are sure to appeal to all fans of "colorful" games.


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