I am a hero for the Princess

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the princess, the king threw a feast for the whole world. It was at this event was declared a fire-breathing dragon, pokrushit district and kidnapped heiress to the throne, he take a hike along the way to incinerate all the valiant warriors and famous heroes. Because of a drunken binge in a restaurant, there was only one alive, and it's - you. Received from the Emperor a direct order - vozvernut krovinushku, our character is taking an executioner and a donkey (for lack of a combat racer) and went on the trail overgrown lizards.
He was waiting for the battle, fights, mining gold ore at the derelict mine and many other noble and not so act. Orcs, witches, forest monsters, monsters and other creatures that are dead to fall from your smile frozen forever (probably childhood trauma).
Equip your armor in normal war, and before the peasants ashamed of this outfit. Teach him magic tricks and secrets, participate in tournaments, as befits the heroic individual, and then up to the tower and the main villain, you will reach in all its glory.

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