To The Land

The action takes place in a world populated with multicolored cubes big-eyed in the days of sailing ships, filibusters and brave explorers. The latter group of our original protagonist and concerns. He is the captain of a small ship and recently won at the poker table card on which the bold cross indicated the location of the treasure buried pirate team. By bringing like-minded people, he immediately hit the road. Travel, searching and loading Croesus was successful. But the way back was not set from the beginning. Storm, one after another, and then a full calm, well and in the end there was a terrible disaster - fire! Abandoning everything overboard sailors embarked on their own evacuation towards the land, vidneyuscheysya away. They need moving one jump from box to box with bale to bale, and so on. And the most interesting of all the salted sailors neither swim.

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