Sisyphus Job

Greek king Sisyphus was a very cunning man. The trick, greed, the desire to control the forces are beyond him, the desire to be equal to the gods, and the thirst for immortality led him on a slippery slope. At first, the inhabitants of Olympus through his fingers looked at the antics of the proud, but after the kidnapping of the god of death and the subsequent violations generational change their patience is over. What was the punishment for misconduct - is well known, but few people know that the stone is rolled precisely in the direction of the main character. So, he needs to run very fast, so as not to be crushed by his own inventory. Along the way, waiting for him various obstacles, traps, ruins of ancient temples and other landscape changes. Optionally, you can use a catapult for its intended purpose or a ride on the Trojan horse.

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