Plimba Ursul

Plimba Ursul - the game is primarily designed to introduce very young gamers with initial and everyday rules of behavior near the roadway. By the way, do not forget to buckle up when you sit behind the wheel. The main character is a bear who became a driver for the shuttle bus in the rural wilderness. There are a lot of animals coming out to the road, to quickly get on closer to the target, or a walk in the city. It is necessary to collect on the way of passengers, it is desirable at the same time not missing anyone, because everyone would pay the fare. The money will be spent on the purchase and renewal of the fleet, which in turn will positively affect the level of service.
Plimba Ursul - a really great game that will be remembered for a long time. Particularly pleased with the voice of the narrator and commentator of our actions. Mouthwatering flavor Eastern Europeans simply felt physically.

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