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Brave BattleBrave Battle - a brand new role-playing project from mobirix studio "gave" us the Sword Storm. At this time the developers have decided to do not much strain and have a ready-made graphics and characters and the plot completely removed and any freedom of action. Apparently this is an option for those who do not want to strain and to take any movements.
SwapQuestSwapQuest - a unique blend of RPG-pixel bagel and iconic plumber. Only you will depend on whether the protagonist will reach up to the villainous villain enough to pump over time and for the final battle, or he strolled all the way on the back streets and confusing paths become frail and dohlenkih to fall in one second by a single blow of the enemy.
Magic Rush: HeroesMagic Rush: Heroes is positioned as a revolutionary product, the killer of all MMORPG for mobile platforms and strategies in the style of "defense towers" at the same time. But is this really so? Or just a good mix of genres for unusual that hides all the same problems and flaws "thoroughbreds." Could she really captivate discerning gamers?
 Dunky Dough Ball Dunky Dough Ball - an exciting arcade game about the adventures of a ball of dough to escape from the evil chef in one of the Asian restaurants. Beautiful graphics, unusual gameplay, cute character and complex, well-designed multiple levels, will delight all lovers of games of this kind.
 Zombie Storm The creators of games about zombies, despite the extremely trite theme, do not lose heart and do not lose inspiration. And this time we will find ourselves on the ruins of the old world as one of the surviving soldiers who will go all out to fight the hordes of creatures that were once people. You will have to travel around the world to destroy the main points of infection.
 Boss Clicker Boss Clicker. Do not believe it, but in the game with the same name, you must zaklikaet bosses. No bosses, and the most terrible monsters of the underworld. In this arcade dozens of weapons, minimalist graphics and an incredibly complex task. Opponents will not stand like a statue, and will apply protective methods and use regeneration.

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