Escaping the Prison

It so happened that the main character was in the chamber of one of the institutions of the penitentiary system. Let's be honest, Henry screwed up at the last robbery. He was arrested with the amount of evidence and witnesses that he did not get a chance period was zero. And so, in one typical day, our sad prisoner gets a surprise gift from outside - pink cake. Our protagonist immediately realized that this is not simply a confectionery product and immediately crawled under the watch that cream.
And here is the choice for gamers, they need to decide what to put unknown well-wishers - file, a bazooka, a mobile phone (the right version, expensive lawyer will be able to easily prove that his client was the victim of arbitrariness of police), a huge drill and other useful items, and device for those who want to leave these walls. Well, then we can only watch Henry and at the right time for him to make decisions.

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