Run, Bottle! Run!

In the middle of the vast ocean is an island, it is so small that it is not marked on any map of the world. It is far from the trade routes and places that are frequented by people. And it lives on it a modern Robinson Crusoe, who immediately found himself in a completely unimportant reason. Air crash and sank the ship - the fact remains that he is one, and no one is looking. But the main protagonist of the game - it is not a person but a bottle. Ordinary glass, which stuck a note with the coordinates of location and asking for help. She is the only hope of salvation from this godforsaken piece of land. And the skill of the player determines whether the glass containers will reach to the people or not.
Keep track of the level of ballast dive in front of the obstacles or jump out of the water, beware of the birds, look for drifting bags with valuable things. North and hot tropics, who knows what difficulties have to overcome her glass?

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  • Posted by: Аборилов Дмитрий (guest), 2015-10-05 21:01:52
    Здравствуйте.  Когда размещаете на пиратках - пробуйте писать разработчикам. P.S. Описание доставило )

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