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DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel HorrorDISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror - cool 2D horror came to mobile platforms after a very considerable success on the PC. Pixel art, chic storyline lifting or when the subject is not an aging of the human soul, actions and their consequences. The game will delight all bored on quality and interesting projects, of which so little.
Light My Fear First, a bit about the main character of the game Light My Fear. Young, pale, clearly has aristocratic roots, very thin. For this feature, you can easily carry it to the canonical classic horror characters. Given the laws of the genre it is a type ends up being the most persistent and with a few exceptions always survive in any debacles.
White Island
White Island - a very good project, with combined genres and styles. This is a quest and an interactive romance and horror in which the main characters are just that trying to survive. The game system is implemented unpleasant original Donat. You must pay to access the next scene without waiting for the end of the timer.
Penny Dreadful - DemimondePenny Dreadful - Demimonde - official project for mobile platforms based on the popular TV series of the same name. Naturally the choice of genre fell on the trading card board game mixed with puzzle game in the style of "three in a row." Familiar characters, locations and enemies are waiting for us in the gloomy reflection of Victorian London 1890 sample.
 Halliween Nightmare Halliween Nightmare - walker with elements of horror made ​​tradition of games in black and gray tones. Waking the hero finds himself in a very unfriendly world. And now you have to figure out what was going on with him and find out how to get out of this mess. A permanent flnshbeki will gradually reveal the reasons for this dismal journey.
 Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - continuation of the acclaimed game and a worthy representative of the genre that will appeal to all lovers of thrills. Here you have to try yourself as a caretaker unusual pizza. You will have to sit out a few nights a frightening halt with sinister dolls.

 Dead Effect

Dead Effect - dynamic action on a spaceship, where you have to fight with crowds of zombies. Waking up on a space ship, you will realize that all the space is filled with corpses. And now it's your mission - to destroy them, to find out why it happened and to survive yourself.

 Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 - a continuation of the first game. In which already played a huge number of gamers worldwide. And brought to distraction than a dozen people. Are you up to the madness as a gift and grasp the secrets of the abyss? If yes - Gateway Clinic «Mental Hospital» always open for you.

 Svet Lite

Svet Lite (Light Lite) - You will discover a sinister secret of the "B-18", long ago abandoned for unknown reasons. And who knows what adventures await you there? Get ready for the most horrible experience of your life! Continued already liked so many horror Dead Bunker.

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