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 Mini Dash

Mini Dash (Mini Dash) - an exciting and fun game in which you take control of the hero of the game and go through many unexpected pitfalls in the journey of the world where you are being chased by hundreds of monsters. You feel this game is simple, but in this game you will meet a real danger to her and spend many hours of their time, due to the incomparable gameplay.

 Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas - bright and colorful arcade game about flying a small monkey on the basis of physics! Jump over the ropes and avoid the dangers of the road. Collect bananas to receive updates, discounts, and recharge.

 Chicken Raid FREE

Chicken Raid FREE - in this game we have to destroy all the evil chickens (not to be confused with the birds) for the minimum number of moves. This is a puzzle game in which we will destroy fragile objects (boards, pieces of glass) to launch a chain of destruction and destroy our enemies.

 Run Cow Run (Run Cow Run)

Run Cow Run (Run Cow Run) - a fun arcade game with no merry story - one day one burenka suddenly realized that the animals are grown on the farm, then to give the slaughterhouse. This terrible thought made a cow run, and on the way at the same time and save the rest of the unsuspecting animals - pig, chicken, duck, lamb and even a squirrel!

 Clash of the Olympians

Clash of the Olympians - the atmosphere of ancient times, the times of heroes and heroic deeds. Feel yourself as a Greek hero. Protect your temple from the invasion of enemies. Take one of these feats with the hero of this funny toys.

 Joyland Bounce

Joyland Bounce - a wonderful project, which is reminiscent of the iconic game LocoRoco with the PlayStation Portable. You will manage a fun, ever-smiling creature who is able to roll fast and jump high. You will explore thirty five different levels in a beautiful, exotic world, solve puzzles, collect items - all this in order to restore order in the heavens.

 Tap the Frog

Kwa-Kwa! Are you ready to help the frog to jump, draw and conquer the space on the way to a favorite? Everyone's favorite frog goes to a new adventure in Tap the Frog! Join the adventure in which the frog go all the way from the water lilies in a pond native to the asteroid in space. Easy to play, difficult to master ̶̶! Tap the Frog will not let you get bored. Let's see what you rr-reaction!

 Jump Out!

They closed within four walls! Lonely cover as straw in a hurricane, continues to be the last hope! But, surrounded by treacherous traps, they boldly look into the distance and see ... output. After all, this fearless bugs and they give a damn, and in the face of danger they scream Jump Out!

 Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers - you need to help Jake and his friends escape from the pursuer-inspector who caught them for prettification train carriages. Run as fast as possible, avoiding obstacles and dodging oncoming trains.

 Despicable Me

Despicable Me (Despicable Me) - Minions Gru ready to humbly serve in the official game of the movie Despicable Me: Minion Rush. In the role of the vile minions engage in hilarious competitions in their own absurdity with other sycophants.